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Import Family Tree Maker 2012 / 2017 Gedcom Files into The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding by Darrin Lythgoe.

Visit the TNG website at →

  • This Microsoft Windows “click-once” program reads the GEDCOM output of Family Tree Maker 2012 / 2017 and fixes it.
  • The resulting file will upload to a TNG site and properly display all fields, files and photos.
  • Scroll down to the START button.

NOTE: There is a TNG Mod that can be used on your site. Please review the mod at:

FTM 2017 saves media description fields
If you have FTM 2014, upgrade to 2017.

Setup And Run The Program

This application executes on an MS Windows based computer.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this, consider using the TNG Mod that can be used on your site at the following link →

Please use an up-to-date MS Windows Explorer for this instance.

Click the START button.
This is the easiest method.

Do a one-time install of the ClickOnce For Google Chrome Add-On. Run Chrome and search at
Then click the START button.

The program will do the following

  1. Media Links are now stored in the 2012 / 2017 version of Family Tree Maker’s GEDCOMs. TNG will not attach Titles and Descriptions to the individuals and facts. The program will fix this.
  2. FTM allows a picture from the scrapbook to be displayed as the primary one for an individual. FTM saves this information in the GEDCOM but TNG doesn’t attach it to the individual. The program will fix this.
  3. FTM 2012 Gedcoms do not export a FORM field with media files. In TNG, If the cursor hovers over a media item, the preview does not appear. The program fixes this.
  4. FTM 2017 Gedcoms exports a FORM field with media files. However,it always says “2 FORM jpg” regardless of file type. The program will fix the FORM field with the proper file extension.
  5. A method is suggested for file naming conventions to sort and store files by Photos, Histories, Documents, Media, etc. The program assigns TYPES to the GEDCOM file allowing each file to reside in the appropriate folder. NOTE: For this method the user must be using TNG version 9.0.1 or later.
  6. Media files with an “x_” prefix can be assigned to any user defined Collection.
  7. FTM allows the use of an added Description Field for facts such as Birth, Marriage, Death and Burial, etc. They encourage users to enter the City, County, State and Country in the Place Field. The Description field can hold the address, Church name, cemetery name, etc. The TNG program does not recognize the way FTM stores the Description in at least nine facts and it is not presented on the user’s TNG WEB site. This program will fix this in one of three user select-able formats.

For a detailed explanation select


The TNG Mod that was mentioned is:
FTM-to-TNG Gedcom Converter Mod by Robin Richmond
(Homepage: Robin Richmond’s Genealogy Database).