Cecil County, Maryland

John (1799-) & Elizabeth (1809). In 1840, the family were in Cecil county and by 1850 they were in Philadelphia. Together they had six children.

A family story tells that the family came down from Pennsylvania and settled in Cecil county.

  • Nathaniel (1832-1917) Sarah Virginia Bolton (1835-1911) and they have three children.
  • John Thomas (1834-1910) marries Rachel Reynolds (1835-1912) and together they have six children. John is a veteran and served in the Union.
  • James (1835) marries Marth Bristow and have two daughters, Mary & Annie. James is missing by 1863 and presumed dead. Martha remarries to Benjamin Blansfield and has five children.
  • Martha Ellen (1845-1918) marries John A Mears (1843-1925) and together have eight children.
  • Elizabeth Davis (1849-1878) marries Andrew Whimsett Davis and together they have six children. After her death, Andrew marries Hannah Minta Lum and has another eight children. By 1900 Andrew and his new family move to Corrotoman, Lancaster county, Virginia.

Family Names

Arters, Barrett, Bates, Bechtold, Berger, Biggs, Blansfield, Bolton, Bostick, Bristow, Burns, Cannan, Carter, Cerny, Cohee, Covey, Craddock, Daniels, Davis, Detwiler, Ellis, Evans, Faulkner, Flashell, Flynn, Forman, Gardner, Giles, Gillespie, Gonce, Grant, Grice, Griffith, Gross, Hickman, Hicks, Hubers, Ilg, Jackson, Jaquette,  Kirk, LaRue, Laufer, Lindbloom, Lum, Lusby, Lutz, Mallon, McMunn, Mears, Metz, Miller, Mondshour, Moore, Morgan, Nicholls, Noakes, Orndorff, Plitt, Raub, Rausch, Reid, Remley, Reynolds, Richards, Roberts, Rodman, Ross, Ryrie, Sutton, Tearle, Thompson, Thornley, Twilley, Vaughan, Warren, Weddington, Williams, Wright.

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