Bohemia / Czechoslovakia → Baltimore, Maryland


Wenceslaus / Wenzel Biebl (1865-1944) and Elenora (Bauer) (1871-1935) came from Bohemia / Czechoslovakia and settled in Baltimore, Md in 1895. Together, they had 7 children that came of age.

  • Children:
  • Katherine (1896-1969) marries John Drexler and has three children. She later marries Roderick Vega.
  • Frances (1897-1978) marries Matthew Eder and has two children. She later has one child with Frank Rosenberger.
  • John V Biebl (1898 – 1956) marries Catherine Kimmerle and has two children.
  • Frank Biebl (1900 – 1990) marries Mildred Lee Behrns  and has four children.
  • Marie Elizabeth Biebl (1902 – 1994) marries Newton Robinson Kelly and has six children.
  • Anthony Vincent Biebl (1904 – 1988) marries Marguerite Dunlap and has one child.
  • Edward Biebl (1906 – 1969) never marries.


Wenceslaus’ passenger list says he is from Tafelhuthe, Bohemia, Czech Republic.
His parents are Martin Biebl and Martha Shettle (spelling var.)

Wenzel had at least one brother and two sisters in Baltimore.

Ignatius “Ignatz” (1868-1944) that came over on the same ship and settled in Baltimore.
Ignatz married Barbara Vrba and had seven children.

Mary (1860-1943) married John Tauber.
They have no living descendants.

Anna (1858-1912) married Vincent Stadler in Bohemia before coming to Baltimore.

There may be 3 cousins living in Baltimore, MD, possibly:
Lawrence, Alois (Louis) Biebl and Anna (Biebl) Paletar.
(Parents: John Biebl and Mary Schoenbauer)


Elenora (Bauer) Biebl is from Oberwalden / Obermoldau (present day Horni Vltavice, Jihocesky (South Bohemia)).
Her parents are Maximilian & Theresia (Ziehfreund) Bauer.

Albina Bauer (1873-1938) was married twice.
Richard Paletar and Albina have one daughter with descendants
Richard dies in 1902
James Drexler and Albina have six children..


Family names that have intermarried are: Bauer, Biebl, Drexler, Eder, Paletar, Stadler.

Family Names

Bauer, Behr, Bostwick, Braml, Dickerson, Drexler, Dunlap, Dunn, Eder, Griswold, Howard, Kaczmarczyk, Keefe, Kelley, Kelly, Kimmerle, Matejka, McLain, Paletar, Punko, Rosenberger, Shettle, Schwensen, Tiemann, Utz, Vega, Vrba, Wagner, Walstrum, Wheeler, Wiseman

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