Oelde, Wesphalia, Germany → Baltimore, Maryland

Bernard’s parents were Franz(B. 1832) and Gertrude(B. 1834) (nee BERKEMEIER or BERGMEIER). St. John’s Catholic Church records of Oelde were microfilmed in the 1970’s and are available for viewing at LDS family history centers.

This unique surname is found near the town of Oelde, Westfalen, Germany. The name also appears in adjoining towns of Diestedde and Bochum/Beckem. There were no other Weinekoetter surnames in the U.S.A. before 1900.

Bernard (1870-1904) marries Catherine Ament in Baltimore city and they have two children, Anna & Bernard. By 1900 the family settles in Catonsville, Maryland.

Bernard’s parents are Franz Wilhelm Weinekoetter (1834 – ~1883) & Anna Gertrude Berkemeier (1832 – ~1893)

Bernard had two sisters who stayed in Germany:

  • Anna Elisabeth Brockhinke (1867)
  • Mary Anna Scharpenberg (1874)


AMENT from Oberschleichach, Bavaria → Baltimore Maryland

Bernard’s wife, Catherine Ament came from Oberschleichach, Hassberge, Bavaria, Germany. They met in Baltimore and married in 1894.


Family Names

Amend, Ament, Bergmeier, Berkemeier, Berkemeyer, Brockhinke, Conner, Connor, Gunewig, Hahne, Hille, Karch, Karg, Lutz, Scharpenberg, Schutte, Voges, Weinekoetter, Weinkötter, Williams.


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