Bavaria, Germany → Baltimore, Maryland

Frank (B.1818) and Maria Eva (SCHAEFER) came to Baltimore from Bavaria. Frank is from Krombach and Maria was from Schoellkrippen.

There are other Rosembergers from Krombach in Baltimore city from this time period and may be related.

Also, there are Fleckenstein families from Krombach that have DNA matches with some Rosenbergers.

Frank and Maria had at least 10 children.


Maria had two siblings that came to Baltimore – Conrad & Dorothy.

Family Names

Amick, Bauer, Biebl, Bullock, Cinnamond, Conner, Dill, Dodd, Fields, Geelhaar, Gesser, Hajek, Iacarino, Jankowski, Johns, Kiesel, Klima, Krieglstein, Lauer, Litz, Lynch, Minder, Moravec, Probst, Reeser, Ries, Ritzel, Rohrer, Rosenberger, Sanns, Schaefer, Schamberger, Scheder, Schindler, Schultz, Schwindel, Smith, Taylor, Tieman, Vomastek, Walsh, Walter, Weisel, Weiss, White, Winter, Woods

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