Baltimore, Maryland

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1852 Death Notice – John Maydwell

John (1773-1852) & Ann (Green) (1775-1837) Maydwell lived in Baltimore Maryland. At the time of John’s death he is the father of 8 children and 26 grand-children and 7 great grand-children.

“Arkansas papers please copy” is for his son, Hezekiah Maydwell, who had settled there at this time.


Family Names

Affayroux, Ball, Batties, Black, Bottomley, Coppersmith, Davis, Geist, German, Green, Haacke, Herring, Hurley, Kuffner, Langley, Lee, Liersmann, Maydwell, McKenny, McNeir, Meyer, Mongar, Parrot, Roane, Rosenberger, Sage, Schnick, Seager, Smick, Smith, Stearns, Stewart, Tieman, Tiemann, Warner, Wehr, Whyte, Wilson

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