Galway → Maryland

Bartley O’CONNOR (1824-1896) and Winnie (BOHAN) (1842-1909) came from Galway and settled in Ellicott City, Maryland before 1860. The children later moved to Baltimore city and Catonsville.

Bart and Winnifred may have arrived by way of New York. There is still a side of the family (CONNOR / BOHAN) that was in New York area circa 1900. Winnie came from Portumna, Galway.

Out of 13 children, three came of age and had families:

  • Eleanor “Nellie” Flanagan (1868-1910)
  • John Thomas Rickard Conner (1871-1925) – marries Sarah Bohan (2nd cousin).
  • Cecelia Agnes Hudson (1878-1946)


Winnie (Bohan) Connor came from Portumna, Galway. Bartley O’Connor may have come from either Killallin or Moycullen parishes, west of Galway city.


Family Names

Amend, Ament, Balcar, Betten, Bloom, Bohan, Burke, Cempa, Conner, Cronin, Dolphin, Egan, Exter, Flanagan, Herbst, Hinkleman, Hodek, Hudson, Kelly, Krieg, Lutz, Madden, Martin, Murray, Nemec, Neenan, Porsch, Powers, Rapsilber, Rascovar, Reid, Rush, Saffell, Sauer, Walczak, Weinekoetter, Welsh, Wicklein, Williams.

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There is an old story in our family about the “Black Irish.” One gg-uncle had black hair and dark skin “like a Spaniard”. The rest of us are white as paper. This parallels one of the folk tale variations that has been carried on by some Americans from Galway. The Spanish Armada sent to invade England lost many ships in a storm off the coast of Galway. The folk tale says that the survivors intermarried with the Irish and that is why the dark complexion skips a generation or two. However, it is very unlikely that the English allowed any escapees. This is just a folk-tale. For more information select the link:
Black Irish (by T. Kunesh).