Cecil County & Baltimore City

Stephen (~1805-abt 1849) marries to Margaret Craddock (~1814-1859) and settle in the Cecil & Kent county, Maryland along the Sassafras river. Together they had the following children:

  • James Elliot Cohee (1830-1897) marries Margaret Ellis (1837-1906) and they have four children. They spent some time in Baltimore city but later settled in Cecil county.
  • Benjamin “Frank” Cohee(1833-1901) marries Amanda Covey (1836-1909) and together they had 13 children. They stayed in Cecil county.
  • Margaret Eveline “Evalean” Cohee (1839-1876) – Marries John R Price (1798-1862) and settles in Baltimore city – no children. She later marries Joseph Perkins Grice in 1865 has six children.
  • Henry Clay Cohee (1842-1864) enlisted in the 6th Maryland infantry and died in Winchester, Virginia. He was single.
  • George Washington Cohee (1848-1916) settles in Baltimore city and marries Sarah Thompson (1857-1904). Together they had nine children.

Stephen Benjamin Cohee may have been from Scotland but the evidence is not strong. He does not appear in the 1850 Census and is presumed dead.

Margaret (Craddock) Cohee later marries William Raymond Forman (1819-1858) and they have one child, Arthur Thomas Forman (1856-1913). At first, Arthur is raised by his half-sister, Margaret (Cohee) Price-Grice. Later, he goes to live with William Raymond Forman’s relatives in Baltimore city.


Family Names

Arters, Barrett, Bates, Bechtold, Berger, Biggs, Blansfield, Bolton, Bostick, Bristow, Burns, Cannan, Carter, Cerny, Cohee, Covey, Craddock, Daniels, Davis, Detwiler, Ellis, Evans, Faulkner, Flashell, Flynn, Forman, Gardner, Giles, Gillespie, Gonce, Grant, Grice, Griffith, Gross, Hickman, Hicks, Hubers, Ilg, Jackson, Jaquette,  Kirk, LaRue, Laufer, Lindbloom, Lum, Lusby, Lutz, Mallon, McMunn, Mears, Metz, Miller, Mondshour, Moore, Morgan, Nicholls, Noakes, Orndorff, Plitt, Raub, Rausch, Reid, Remley, Reynolds, Richards, Roberts, Rodman, Ross, Ryrie, Sutton, Tearle, Thompson, Thornley, Twilley, Vaughan, Warren, Weddington, Williams, Wright.

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Stephen Benjamin Cohee (1805-1849) & spouse Margaret (Craddock) Cohee Forman (1814-1859)

Margaret (Craddock) Cohee Forman (1814-1859) & William Raymond Forman (1819-1858)