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Richard Bohan (1828-1901) was first married to Sarah Ridge and the had the following children: Michael (1848), Patrick(1850), James(1852), Mary(1854), Ellen Powers(1856) & Brigid(1857) Bohan. These children settled in the New York City area.

Richard Bohan (1828-1901) later marries Catherine (Muldoon) (1836-1922) have the following children:

  • Elizabeth Betten (1862-1915) – Goes to Maryland, marries and has one child. Later, her family moves to New York.
  • John (1865-1942) – Inherits the farm and raises a family in Coolnageeragh.
  • Anne (1867-) – In 1900 she is a servant in the John Frankenheiner family at 139 W 81st street, New York.
  • Sarah (1869-1897) – marries John T R Connor (her second cousin) in Baltimore city. Together they had 2 children.
  • Thomas (1871-) – Married in Killimor (sp?) parish in 1909. The parish is 8 miles NW of Portumna is Killimor-bologue.
  • Catherine Egan-Dolphin (1873) – She has two children with her first husband,Michael Egan, and at least two with her second, Michael Dolphin. One of her daughters, Bridget (Dolphin) moves to NY and marries Richard Bartels and together they have one son.
  • Julia (1876-1876).
  • Winifred Murray-Furlong (1878-1968) – Moved to New York, marries John Murray and had 4 children – James & John Murray, Mary “Mae” Madden and Dorothy Cempa. Mary Madden is married to her first cousin Richard Madden.
  • Margaret Madden (1880-). – Marries John Madden and stays near Portumna. Two of her children move to New York. One marries a daughter of Winifred Murray-Furlong.


Ellicott City, Howard county, Maryland

St. Paul's circa 1910

St. Paul’s circa 1910

Winnifred and Sarah from Portumna, Galway, Ireland.

Winifred (1842-1909) is either the first or second cousin of Richard Bohan. She moves to Ellicott City, Howard county, Maryland and marries Bartley O’Connor in 1857. Together, they have 13 children but only three come of age to have families. See the page for → CONNOR.

Sarah Conner is the daughter of Rick BOHAN and Catherine (MULDOON) from Coolnageeragh, Portumna. Sarah marries her second-cousin, John T R O’Connor and together, they have two children that are Baptized at St.Paul’s in Ellicott city.

After Sarah dies, the Conners settle in Catonsville around 1910.


It appears that Catherine (Muldoon) Bohan had several brothers and sisters. One sister, Judith (August 1841), may have moved to Yonkers, New York and marries Michael Larkin. This is speculative.


Family Groups in Portumna, Galway

The FHL film for Portumna Parish (1830-1891) was scanned for Bohan & Muldoon families.

The following two documents are family groups. When a marriage is found, it is followed by all the Baptisms of the children born to that couple.


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Family Names

Balcar, Bartells, Betten, Bloom, Bohan, Burke, Cempa, Conner, Cronin, Dolphin, Egan, Exter, Flanagan, Herbst, Hodek, Hudson, Kelly, Krieg, Lutz, Madden, Martin, Murray, Nemec, Neenan, Powers, Rapsilber, Rascovar, Reid, Rush, Saffell, Sauer, Walczak, Welsh, Wicklein, Williams.

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The Portumna image is from the book Lickmolassy by the Shannon by Joe John Conwell. → http://www.portumna.net/johnjoeconwell/#lickmolassy


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