Applications for the family historian.

Baltimore City Historic Houses of Worship Locator

Baltimore_Link_ImageBefore the automobile, people walked to the nearest church. The church may have records that can provide much needed information.

Find an ancestor using online City directories, Census data, etc. Then use the map to find the nearest church matching the ancestor’s denomination and ethnicity.

Hyperlinks are shown to records at the Maryland State Archives and the LDS

TNG Import FTM 2012

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

TNG (The Next Generation in genealogy sitebuilding) is software that displays your family tree information on a web page. A person would need to know how to manage a web page for a domain.

FTM (Family Tree Maker) is a popular family history software that runs on a Personal Computer. The 2012 version allows the user to save a copy of their work as a Gedcom file. This is supposed to be a way to share one persons tree with different family history programs. TNG will import this format.

However, there are problems with importing the gedcom file into TNG. The file needs to be run through this utility that “fixes” it.

TNG Place & Zoom Adjuster

Place_Zoom_LevelsTNG (The Next Generation in genealogy Sitebuilding) allows the user to enable maps in their display. It allows muti-colored markers for life events (Born, married died, etc.). The colors indicate the “Level” of the place (State, County, Address, etc.). The Place Level also comes with a Zoom Level that is the magnification on the map, when it displays.

When TNG geocodes the places on a user’s site, the Place Level is not set and the Zoom Level is fixed at 10.

The Place & Zoom Adjuster PDF file will show the user how to copy examples from the user guide and then place it in TNG’s Reports function. The proper Levels will be created based on the number of commas in the Place Field.