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Charles Kimmel (1833-1883)Charles (B. 1830) from Frankfurt, Germany (He is the grandfather of Charles E. Kimmel, founder of Kimmel Tire and Auto of Maryland). I suspect that Charles’ father is Frederick and settled in Baltimore, Maryland.

The following is a rough translation of the 29 OCT 1883 German Correspondent obituary:

Tragic death of a respected
German adoptive citizen.

Mr. Karl Kimmel, former residence of No. 154 , North Schröder street, a respected German adoptive citizen aged 50 years and healthy, was found dead in his bed, yesterday morning from gas asphyxiation. The unfortunate man had gone to rest about 12 clock, Sunday night, in the room of his son, who is out of town. Not quite used to the room, he turned the gas, so that the flame went out. But unfortunately he did not know that the cock was not quite right , and that he had therefore turned around it too far, so that the gases freely entered the room. Since Mr. Kimmel did not appear as usual yesterday morning in the breakfast room, his daughter became very uneasy. , She went up the stairs, opened the door and smelled at once a penetrating smell of gas. In a quick decision she pulled the window up and now hurrying called her mother and tried to help her father. Also Dr. Hill was immediately summoned but unfortunately in vain, could only state that life had already escaped from the body .

The deceased was born in Frankfurt , emigrated about 25 years ago here. Since he was a very skilled worker, he was promoted almost 15 years ago, the very being modest position of overseer in the metalworking department of Mount Clare workshops the Baltimore Ohio Railroad, which he has been clothed with honor. At the same time he acquired love the respect of his superiors many friends and was a prominent member of Schiller Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd – Fellows and the Knights Pythias. His sudden passing is especially difficult for disconsolate widow with two grown daughters and one adult son As a father he also has always been the most loving husband. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 clock from his home.

Charles & his wife Rosa (Reichel) Kimmel had at least six children of whom three came of age and had families.

  • Children:
  • Charles August Kimmel (1860-1917) stays in Baltimore and marries Catherine Hosfros (1861-1936) and together had four children. One of their children is Charles Elbert Kimmel (1896-1964) founder of Kimmel Tire & Auto. The Kimmel families were Lutheran up until this point. Catherine Hosfros was Catholic and the children were raised as such. As a result, this side of the family lost touch with the other side.
  • Anna Lutz (1862-1923) marries John Lutz (1855-1921) and stayed in Baltimore. Together they had five children.
  • Caroline (1866-1931) marries John Klinefelter (1863-1944) and together they have six children.  They settle in Nutley, Essex county, New Jersey.



Rosa (Reichel) Kimmel circa 1870

Rosa (Reichel) Kimmel is the daughter of John Michael (1805-1863) & Margaret Reichel (1805-1878) and is from Guttenstetten, Bavaria, Germany. Her family arrived in Baltimore, Maryland on September 7, 1844.

Her brothers and sisters are Elizabeth, John Michael, Ursula Barbara, Mathew Nathan, and George Reichel.

George Reichel is in Licking, Ohio in 1880. The 1883 obituary for Charles Kimmel said that California & Indiana papers may copy.

Matthew is at the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio from 1896 till his death Oct 14, 1908.


Family Names

Claus, Cohee, Hill, Hosfros, Judge, Kimmel, Klinefelter, Lutz, Reichel, Russell, Spatz

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