Kairlindach, Bavaria → Maryland

Leonard Zink (1780-1849) was married to Ursula Foerster (1782-1836) and together had at least 11 children in Kairlindach, Bavaria (Bayern), Germany.

Two children stayed in Germany.

The rest came to America and settled in Baltimore city & county and Cumberland, Allegany county, Maryland.

  • Children:
  • Anna (1805) has a child out of wedlock – John H Zink (1835-1896). John settles in Baltimore County, Maryland. He marries Barbara Ewell and together had at least 10 children.
  • Sybilla (1807) stays in Germany and marries Conrad Weber in 1842.
  • Johann (1809-1809) died 10 days.
  • Jacob (1810-) According to the transcriber – died ( date not known ) as a child
  • George (1813-1895) – George and wife Margaret had at least four children.
    The family settled in Cumberland, Allegany county, Maryland.
  • Conrad (1816-1816) died one month.
  • John (1817-1859) – settled in the Eight district of Baltimore County (Lutherville / Cockeysville area), Maryland and was a farmer.
    He and wife, Rose had three children.
    The children were raised by other family members, after John died in 1859.
  • John Joachim Zink (1819-1876) settled in Baltimore and had at least 4 children: Elizabeth, Mary, John and Charles.
  • Matthew (1822-1907) – Settled in Chestnut Ridge, Baltimore county, Maryland.
    He married Elizabeth Sonnefield (sp?) and together had four children.
    At the time of his death he was married to Elizabeth Sonneborn and his obituary stated that he was married three times.
  • Elizabeth (1825-1882) – Settled in Baltimore city and married Conrad Thomas.
    Together, they had 9 children.
  • John Conrad (1829-1864) – Settled in the Lutherville / Cockeysville section of Baltimore county and married Mary Gardner.
    Together they had five children.
    After his death, Mary married Harry Streader and had at least one child with him.
    She later married once again before her death in 1904.




Zink – Births & Deaths in Baltimore city (1875 – 1920)

The following files contain birth indexes and death records for ALL Zinks in Baltimore City:



The following are PDF file versions in case the previous files are hard to view:


Note: Baltimore city birth indexes include the names of the parents, date of birth and certificate number.
Links to the birth & death records at the Maryland State Archives can be found under Vital Records at  → USEFUL LINKS.

Our Zink family was Lutheran. There was at least one other unrelated Zink family in Baltimore at this time and they were Catholic.

Family Names

Blume, Bowling, Brown, Clark, Davidson, Engelking, Evans, Farber, Feller, Fischer, Flamm, Foerster, Foltz, Fraas, Frantz, Gissner, Hannah, Hess, Hoffman, Hubbard, Kemler, Kenney, Kinghorne, Kissner, Laycock, Lentz, Mackabee, Martin, Maydwell, McCormick, Miller, Musil, Neal, Noellert, Ochs, Pensel, Plsek, Rauber, Robinson, Schaefer, Schissler, Seifert, Smith, Stecher, Stevenson, Sticker, Stiehl, Stricker, Sunefield, Swem, Thomas, Tiemann, Utz, Valliant, Vogel, Wand, Webb, Weber, Wiseman, Wolsh, Wosch, Wurzbacher, Ziegler

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