Bohemia / Czechoslovakia → Baltimore, Maryland

Wenceslaus / Wenzel Biebl (1865-1944) and Elenora (Bauer) (1871-1935) came from Bohemia / Czechoslovakia and settled in Baltimore, Md in 1895. Together, they had 7 children that came of age.

  • Children:
  • Katherine (1896-1969) marries John Drexler and has three children. She later marries Roderick Vega.
  • Frances (1897-1978) marries Matthew Eder and has two children. She later marries Frank Rosenberger and has one child.
  • John V Biebl (1898 – 1956) marries Catherine Kimmerle and has two children.
  • Frank Biebl (1900 – 1990) marries Mildred Lee Behrns  and has four children.
  • Marie Elizabeth Biebl (1902 – 1994) marries Newton Robinson Kelly and has six children.
  • Anthony Vincent Biebl (1904 – 1988) marries Marguerite Dunlap and has one child.
  • Edward Biebl (1906 – 1969) never marries.


Wenceslaus’ passenger list says he is from Tafelhuthe, Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Wenzel had a brother, Ignatius “Ignatz” (1868-1944) that came over on the same ship and settled in Baltimore.

Ignatz married Barbara Vrba and had seven children.

There may be cousins living in Baltimore, MD, possibly:
Lawrence (Parents: John Biebl and Mary Schoenbauer)
and Alois (Louis) Biebl

Elenora (Bauer) Biebl is from Oberwalden / Obermoldau (present day Horni Vltavice, Jihocesky (South Bohemia)).

Her parents are Maximilian & Theresia (Ziehfreund) Bauer.

Family Names

Bauer, Behr, Drexler, Dunlap, Howard, Keefe, Kelley, Kimmerle, Matejka, Rosenberger, Shettle, Schwensen, Utz, Vega, Vrba, Wagner, Walstrum, Wiseman

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