Houses of worship established before 1900
With Hyper-Links to Church Records


The companies that offered free map display have started charging fees as low as $15 per month.

Please have patience while we come up with a solution.


Select image to open map in a new window

Find the address of an ancestor . . .
Find the nearest house of worship.

  1. Select the map and locate an ancestor’s address
    Find the nearest house of worship.
  2. Select the markers to see a description.
    If a name is underlined or highlighted, select it to see the holdings at the MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES (MSA).
    If a “FamilySearch Link” appears, select it to see the holdings at FAMILYSEARCH.ORG.
  3. Optional – Select a denomination at the bottom of the map.


NOTE: – If the MSA asks you to sign in, use the following:
Username: aaco
Password: aaco#




  • Starting around 1860, the city directories have a section where every street is listed along with the streets that intersect.
    Compare familiar names found on a modern map and make your best guess.
  • You can try looking at an old map such as the 1887 GRAY’S NEW MAP. Select the map’s name or download it.
  • The Baltimore City Archives has a collection of maps at BC Archives Maps.

The street numbers changed after 1886.
You can see the new and old numbers with the guide to THE 1887 BALTIMORE CITY INDEX OF STREET NUMBERS (60 mega byte file).
Save it on your computer for faster viewing.

NOTE: When using the search box for the online map, use the modern street name and addresses.


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